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For some people, food is not the means to survive, it’s their life. Even after they are done with their three staple meals, they have to hog on food and keep dreaming about the food they are going to have. (Already salivating?). Baik is also that kind of person who loves to eat varieties of meals and wonder the food lovers with his preparation in different tastes.

He has always a fascination in finding the varieties of smells of meals in each destination. So one day he started his journey to find it. Baik started the first journey to his own city, the kozhikode. He found the real smell of meal in the kitchen of kozhikode. Destination to destination, Adam has tasted and studied the style of each dish in his table. He used to start preparing these styles in his kitchen. And he loves to make varieties of food for everyone. Around all these food and preparation, Baik realized that a restaurant can utilize his talent of food making and can give styles of variety meals to the customers. ‘Al-BAIK’ was born from this thought. Being a true kozhikode at heart, these dishes were then redesigned to impress the Moplah taste buds. That’s how it all started.

Along with home-style favorites we, Baik’s crew offer our guests a wide variety of ethnic tastes and flavors that include our traditional family recipes. The taste of each dish has become famous with its name and taste. Baik gives an uncommon name for his dishes. Biriyani, Mandi, Kabsa are some of the dishes. We call our menu ‘Arabian Cuisine’ as we combine the tastes of different countries with ours into something worth trying. On weekend mornings, we invite our guests to rise and shine for our endless lunch buffet, which features ‘The Royal Arabian Lunch’. Along with Appetizer and drinks, Al-Baik kitchen team also takes pride in whipping up recipes that emphasize bolder flavors without compromising the freshness and scratch-made quality which they are known for.

Today ‘Al-Baik’ becomes a well-known restaurant for food lovers. Because our commitment to our guests doesn’t stop with our food. We believe in providing outstanding hospitality too. Each day we strive to deliver a pleasurable and interesting dining experience for our guests. We make sure people have a good time so that Al-Baik is always somewhere people want to come back to. We believe that the beginning is the most important part. Begin with our amazing starters